Monday, August 29, 2011

Details and fixing stuff

Saturday my nose ran all day. I have the starting of a cold. Every 5 minutes I was blowing my nose so I decided to work on the small details for the room re-do and fixing stuff. Here is a shade for the floor lamp I had spray painted a couple of weeks ago. The shade had a crack in it already, but when I went to clean the shade the piece cracked the rest of the way. I got out the Goop and glued it back together.

While I had the Goop out I tacked this diffuser cover that was broken.


Next - I forgot to spray paint the part that screws on the top of a lamp to hold the shade - I don't remember what it is called. This is a table lamp which is going into the redo room.


Here are some screws for the return air grilles that I spray painted white.

To finish out Saturday I worked on the window treatments for the redo room and mowed most of the grass. I will have to take the week wacker to cut down some of the grass in the back. My poor mower was trying it's best, but the grass was just too long and it was still wet underneath.

Sunday I trimed out the other window in the redo bedroom.
Extension jambs - installed

Trim pieces at the ready

Before the first trim piece was put in place
I have to sand the ends of any excess paint on these trim pieces or they will not fit
First piece installed
All eight installed
Next is the casing. As I installed each piece, I filled the gap with spray foam for doors and windows. I learned not to go all the way around the window and then install the casing, because the stuff expands and then you have to wipe the excess away and it is a big mess.
Here is a reminder of what the before looked like.

Here is the casing done. I still need to finish the caulking and give it a touch up coat of paint, but the hard part is done!
I finished up the other window treatment on Sunday. The fabric width ended up being too narrow for the windows so I put on my thinking cap, and rumaged thru my stash and found some black duck left over from a lighting mask I had made for my brother when he toured with Bruce Springsteen. I cut strips and added it to the sides. I still need to get some hardware to wind the cords on.

So what is left to do in this space? The electrical will be cleaned up on Labor Day weekend and I still need to sort out the water issue before I can install the baseboards. The casing at the doorway needs a touch up coat of paint (I will do that when I put the final coat on the window), I need to hang the door, and put a few more coats of yellow paint on the bed. The closet doors will have to wait until I save up some money, but I am getting close to having the work done in this room.

I did get about 6" of the 17" of unquilting I need to do on the Dutch wax quilt.

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Vicki W said...

That room is coming together beautifully! I think the black trim on the window treatments really makes them special. Sometimes the last minute fix is right punch to the design.