Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 12 - late post

My computer took a dump this morning, but it is up and running again.
Here is what I accomplished last evening: I dug the head and foot boards of an old twin bed that I have dragging with me for years. My son used this bed for years - it was his dad's when his dad was a kid. I sanded it down and will be painting this weekend for the new bedroom.

After - I used the sanding pad on my handy dandy Multimaster. I wasn't concerned with getting every little bit of varnish off the bed - just get it cleaned and smooth for priming and painting.

I got the second coat of spray paint on this lamp. I still need to do the shade, but it is going to take some time to tape and paper the glass so that I only paint the metal on the shade. The shade is made up of curved art glass with metal beading between the sections of glass. I know this lamp is vintage, but I painted it anyway. It doesn't look bad in the pictures, but the finish was ugly and splotchy.


I quickly spray painted another old lamp with a worn finish.

I want to have a selection of lamps to pick from when I finally get the redo bedroom set up.

Then lastly I made some cookies to take to the museum tonight as a little treat. They are so easy to make and are really tasty! Martha Stewart French Butter Cookies - yum!

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QuiltSwissy said...


Lamps look good. Daughter Carrie took my mother's old secretary that came from my grandmother's house and had it painted red. RED! I haven't seen it yet. I was just glad that she wanted it, and I didn't have to sell it.....I guess.