Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 10 of redo

I am having sewing company tonight so I had to clean up the sewing studio and the kitchen which didn't leave me a lot of time to work on the redo. I did get the border tile installed on the north and east walls. I was going to install the return air grille, but the screw holes don't line up where the old ones were. I am not crazy about the grille as it sticks out from the wall farther than the old one. I know how to modify the opening so the screws have something to grab on to, but I think I will try stripping the old grille and spray paint it.
North and east borders done!
South and east walls need the border tile yet.
Here is the fabric I bought for the window treatments. I am going to make a simple roman shade. I also purchased blackout lining since the light is strong from the east and south facing windows. I was in a hurry to find something so I didn't go any place other than JoAnn's. They did not have much of a selection in the gray family so I went with the black. So now black will be one of the accent colors in the room. While we are on the subject of JoAnn's - have you been in one of the stores lately? The one I went to has more than one type of music playing at the same time! It just about drove me crazy. I couldn't even think! One of the sales persons gave me their corporate headquarter's phone number, 330-656-2600, and I plan on calling them today to complain. I would have wandered around the store and maybe picked up a few more items, but I couldn't stand hearing two different songs at the same time - I just had to get out of there!

I received my 2 yards of Michael Miller Cool Zen Garden in gray. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find some on the internet. Apparently the gray was the most popular of the colors this fabric came in and many places were sold out. I finally found some on Esty. I wanted this for the project my friend and I are going to do when she comes up for our quilting weekend August 19 and 20. The quilt we are making will be the one that goes on the bed in the new bedroom that I am working on. I don't have a gray quilt for this room, so this is a perfect opportunity to make one.
A big hello to my anonymous fan in Wyoming!


Anonymous said...

that's a cool idea: make a quilt plan for the weekend with a friend, a then knock it out.

I'm just learning to sew. My girlfriend found a $15 Kenmore for me, and I'm using the interet to start simple.
Your tshirt quilt got me thinking about old stuff in new ways, and also I relate to the things you do and make for your nephew.
Of all the quilt/sewing sites, I like yours for its straightforward content, style, and voice.
Very addictive: I'm here everyday.
When I'm not on a train, making a living.
in Wyoming

QuiltSwissy said...

From the museum to carpentry to quilt making. Where did you learn to redo rooms??

Looking fabulous girlfriend!