Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy weekend

Friday after work I decided to weed wack and mow the front yard. It was so freaking hot! I didn't get the weeding done because it never did cool off even in the morning. Sunday at 7:30 am it was between 78 and 80 degrees. It is suppose to be a little cooler this week with less humidity so maybe the weeding will get done then.

I got a last minute e-mail that my nephew's band, Retro, was going to be in a battle of the bands on Saturday so of course I had to go. It was suppose to be outside, but it rained so they held it inside at a library - yes, a library! The room was only about 50 x 30 and it was hotter than haities in that place. We couldn't open the windows - they had latches that could only be opened with a key - and it sure didn't feel like the place had any A/C. I stayed until Retro played, helped pack the equipment and left. My sister-in-law called to say Retro made the cut to advance to the next round.

Sunday I spent pin basting the baby quilts I had previously shown. I got three done and the fourth one is on the table ready to pin. After I got them pinned basted I hung them back up on the design wall. In the afternoon I had a visitor that needed a backpack fixed and help with threading a sewing machine.

And I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend!

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm sending our cool less humid air your way. It was only 59 degrees this morning. I pulled a couple handfuls of crabgrass yesterday, just a drop in the bucket. I hope you get yours done with this little cool spell for 3 days.