Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Need more floss

I worked on the Monster t-shirt last night while I had a movie on. I feel like I made good progress on stitching the areas of fur I am making green. Here is where I ended Sunday and started yesterday
and here is what it looks like now. To say the least this is slow going trying to stitch all the tiny uneven edges.

I split my 6 strand floss in half and all I have is 18" of a split piece of the green floss. I will have to go to the store at lunch today and get another skein of green and I will pick up the peach thread too while I am at it.


Ann said...

You have such fun with these t-shirts. I love watching people focus on their inspiration. Go get more green, Patty, and keep it up.

Kaja said...

This really is detailed, but the areas you have done look great.