Thursday, August 31, 2017

Good progress and a lost dog

I was so tired when I got home after work, but I made myself stitch on the R.E.M. quilt anyway. Only 8 days until I have to turn it in to the show! Yikes! Here is where I was
and this is where I am right now.

Yesterday I was out on the job site and there was a dog running around. It was very friendly and when I called to her, she came. We have bulldozers, rollers, trucks, and backhoes running on site and I didn't want her to get run over!
There is only one gate so she could have a hard time finding her way out of the site too. She had tags and one of them had her address. It was right down the street so one of the guys found me a piece of rope I could use as a leash and I took her home. The owner said she must have snuck out of the fence. I never know what I will be doing at work!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Dog rescuer! That's because you are related to me somehow!