Thursday, May 26, 2016

Plodding along

I was so tired last evening after not getting much sleep the night before it was difficult to get much done. I did a load of laundry, fixed some dinner, finished my steps, and watched a DVD

I had been thinking about what I want to get done over the 3 day weekend coming up, so I started gathering projects together. Yes, there are some simple things like pressing the fabric I washed the other day, but having all the projects in one place will help. Of course, I will be finishing the free motion machine quilting on the AC/DC quilt so I can get started on the hand work.

At work we have two trailers at the job site, a single wide and a double wide. The single wide is getting pulled off site in a couple of weeks. We need to move a bunch of stuff from the single wide to the double wide so I have to make room in the double wide for all the crap/stuff. I am cleaning the double wide a little bit every day and I came across some signs that are not needed. I asked the guys and they said to just pitch them. Well, I was thinking about them and I am going to take them home and make a portable print table with them. They are very rigid and once covered with a layer of batting and duck cloth I think they will work perfect. The are not too heavy, but they are substantial. I can put them on the saw horses and print in the garage.


Vicki W said...

Great idea for print tables!

Charlene S said...

I am going to have to research "Print Table." Guessing that it has something to do with dyeing.