Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Next project

Over this past weekend I managed to get my son's repaired t-shirt quilt top pin basted.

I made a change to the already made backing. I did a lot of cleaning this past weekend because I was looking for three missing items which I found all three items - yeah! When cleaning I came across a crib sheet that I used on my son's bed when he was a baby. I had found the sheet at my parent's house this summer when my siblings were helping to clean up their house. I must have given the sheet to my Mom to use for one of her grandkids. I can't believe it was still at their house all these years later. I decided I had to use it so I took the back partially apart and sewed the sheet into the backing.

I got started on the quilting and I will be using a meander design throughout the quilt. When I originally quilted it I had stitched next to the ditch for the sashing and there was minimal quilting in the t-shirts that made it easy to take apart. Now I am quilting the heck out of it! This t-shirt that my Mom had brought back from China was in rough shape and I thought I was going to have to replace it. I ironed on new interfacing and it ended up being salvageable! I made sure I quilted over the couple of areas that were worn through to help nail them down. Meandering over the entire shirt will hold it together for years to come.

My son gave me this quilt a number of years ago to fix and I know he will be happy to get it back. It won't take me too long to quilt it as it is not a huge quilt. I will be very happy to get this one done.

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