Monday, October 19, 2015

Binding a wedding ring quilt and repairing a t-shirt quilt

A quilting friend came over this weekend to have me help her put the binding on a double wedding ring quilt. She was asked to finish this top into a quilt. First we had to shop my stash for some binding fabric. She chose this feed sack fabric. Since there was feed sack fabric in the quilt, the choice was appropriate.

I started sewing on the binding and only did a couple of feet so we could trim the backing and batting and check that how I was sewing it on was correct. After we both gave it a thumbs up, S. sewed the rest of the binding on. This was a good experience for me also since I have a double wedding ring quilt top to finish for a friend also.

While S. was working on the binding, I worked on the t-shirt quilt that my son's dog did a number on. Remember this?

It now looks like this. S. couldn't believe I still had some of that black and white homespun left in my stash from making this quilt in 1997.

I also have 3 plus yards of the white background pasta fabric that I had originally used for the back. I had to add the yellow background fabric to make the backing.

I also cut the batting and so all the layers are ready to be assembled and pin basted.

I put my new drunkard's path flannel quilt on my bed and I thought you might like to see it on the bed. I have not turned the heat on in the house yet, so this quilt keeps me nice and warm at night!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

the repair is going well, It is amazing you still have that fabric. It will be a perfect fix. I love your drunkards path. Did you cut all the pieces yourself with templates?

Vicki W said...

Well, you are tough because we have already turned out heat on! In fact it's running right now. I love that DWR quilt. The colors are fantastic. Amazing job on the tshirt quilt too!

Kaja said...

I love the drunkards path done in flannels: it must be really warm and looks really cosy - perfect for winter.