Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Next project - another UFO

Yes, I am still working on finishing the green/blue/black piece, but I needed to figure out what would be my next project. Remember this t-shirt quilt? I made this for my son when he graduated from high school. A couple of years ago his dog decided to tear into it.

I took it with me when I had to sit at the merchandise booth when my nephew's band played. I spent my time removing the binding

Removing the patches and the label

and freeing the top from the backing that was totally shot and the horrible batting

I think I have enough of the sashing fabric left to replace the torn sashing. It is amazing I still have it!

I also have a bit of the fabric that I had used for the backing. It is not enough for the entire back, but at least I have a bit I can use.

I will have to replace one t-shirt that got destroyed. Unfortunately, it is not one that I can replace with a duplicate. My Mom went to China with my Dad on a business trip and it was the t-shirt she had brought back for my son. I will try to salvage a piece and stitch it into the quilt somewhere - possibly on the back by the label.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

What a project! I always learn so much stuff from you. I have a quilt to fix, too. But I can just cut off three inches and put a new binding down the side. You are nearly reconstruction the whole quilt!

Vicki W said...

I'd rather make a new quilt than repair an old one. But there's no choice when it's sentimental!