Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My first flannel quilt - this and that

I bought the flannel at Miller's Dry Good in Charm, Ohio when I worked for Charm Days in 1999. Charm Days are held in October and they are coming up. I can't remember if I had much of a plan, but I wanted to make a chevron style quilt. I do remember I got home from Charm and immediately threw the flannel into the washer. I started on this quilt making the chevron center on Sunday and had that part done 10 hours later. It was a bit tricky as the flannel cut on the bias would stretch very easily!

One lesson learned is not to put bias cut binding on a flannel quilt. As you can see the quilt doesn't hang well as there is no support from the binding to keep it straight. I don't really care though, because it is one of my favorite quilts. The red plaid I used for the outside border was red and white, but I overdyed it to make it red and gray. The red and white was just too harsh looking. For the back I used my precious Hawaiian printed flannel. This is a smaller piece for me - only 63 1/2" x 73 1/2". I straight lined quilted it as this was before I learned how to do free motion quilting. I called it "Oxymoron" because I thought Hawaiian printed flannel was an oxymoron!

I am still tired from all that yard work, but I spent last evening taking photos and gathering up all the pieces I have made in my Stage series. I want to put them on a CD and give it to the fellow that offered me a exhibit. Maybe there is enough for this series and then eventually I will have the exhibit with using the t-shirts. Will see. I found 36 pieces that would make a cohesive display.

I was then really tired after that, but I forced myself to go for a walk to get my steps in. About a week and a half ago I got my Italian badge for 750 miles. It must be for walking the width of Italy - I don't know. I am too tired to care. LOL!

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barbara woods said...

nothing like flannel for a snuggle quilt