Monday, September 28, 2015

Busy weekend

It was a busy weekend. Saturday I got up to get in my 5 miles of walking before I needed to get ready to head over to my brother's house. We were meeting up to go to the gig at 2:00 p.m. First I needed to get the labels on the quilts for the kids and I needed to repair this drum case. It is a good quality case that he got at a garage sale, but there was a cut in the fabric.

I stitched it up using a double stand of quilting thread. It's not pretty, but now he doesn't have to worry about the rip getting any bigger.

We got to the venue about 2:45 and unloaded the trailer. That place was so hot. Sweat was just dripping off my forehead. Michael did a great job, but was whipped after his hour of playing due to the heat. After we got everything torn down and packed away we sat and talked or should I say yelled at the people that had come out to see the band. Why do they have to have the music on so loud you have to yell? Too me that makes it too much work to try and socialize. With all the hauling of equipment I ended up with 2 more miles on my fitbit.

There were lots of gift baskets to be raffled off. There was a wheelbarrow will a bunch of booze in it and one of the bottles was in a gift bag made from a shirt sleeve and bow tie. My SIL and I thought it was a cute idea.

Sunday I was just plain tired. I messed around the house a bit, did my grocery shopping, and then made these two little girl skirts for presents. The fabric was in my stash, given to me years ago from the lady who is the wardrobe lady for a band my brother toured with. The lilac skirt needed to be a bit fuller, but I used what I had. I got the bead necklace and bracelets, and the glitter wands at the grocery store. The theme for the party is fairies so I thought maybe this would work for a 5-year old.

I needed to get my big table cleared off and before you know it, it was time to go for a walk and get some stuff cooked for meals this week. I don't feel like I was very productive this weekend, but then I ended up walking 12 miles - 7 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday - so I am a bit tired!

On Sunday I walked by the stone wall I had showed weeks ago that they are restoring. Well, it looks like they are doing the entire wall around the property. It is a work of art.

They need a proper gate for this entrance. The chain link is ugly!

Where they are working now

It will be interesting to see how they fix this next section. The wall seems to sit on top of some retaining stones, nut the retaining stones are in rough shape.


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Good for you for getting so many miles in this weekend!! I think the drum case looks pretty darn good! There aren't many options available when dealing with a rip like that. And those skirts are just too darn cute! Perfect fairy skirts!!

That stone wall is absolutely beautiful!! There is a house in my home town in MN that is made from stone - I absolutely adored that house! So much so I actually let my mom volunteer me for cleaning it (for free of course) to the old lady that lived there!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am pushing to get back to 10K steps since the stupid fall! That wall is so beautiful. to watch it go back together interesting.

Carrie loved skirts made of ethereal ephemera! And lace. She loved lace too! It's a little girl thing, I guess!