Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quilting, cleaning, yardwork and rock & roll weekend!

I finally got all the dishes washed! Yes, that is an accomplishment for me! I was thinking about getting rid of 75% of my kitchen stuff so I would be forced to wash the dishes sooner! I did make a loaf of banana bread with pecans since I had room to work.

Between Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday I spent more than 6 hours working in the yard mowing, pulling weeds, chipping up sticks, burning bigger sticks, and cleaning up messes. I moved all the rotting wood by the back steps shown here - what a mess! The yard is looking better, but I have a long ways to go. I did find a couple of spots of poison ivy on my arm (not a suprise - the woods are full of it!), but I took a couple of pills I have left over for poison ivy and it is going away.

Here is the after. I planted the Gerber daisies I got for Mother's day and transplanted of things I found around the yard, hostas, coral bells, and a lenten rose. The poor hosta were plants I dug up last year and just threw them on the ground. All the roots were exposed and they were bone dry, but still growing! I planted them even though the deer will probably come along and eat them, but they deer hadn't touched them yet this year so what the heck I though I would thrown them in the ground and see what happens. It just looks a whole lot better than it did!

It was hard to sit at the machine on Saturday and Sunday to quilt on the yellow and gray quilt when I was so tired from the yardwork. I did mange to get four more blocks quilted so now I have 20% of this quilt quilted. I have to repair a pair of pants tonight for a co-worker's son. He is leaving for his new job soon and needs his pants for work.

Monday I went to Cleveland with my brother, sister-in-law and The Michael Weber Show gang to play at the Rib Festival down at the Flats. This was a big deal to get to play here. It did sprinkle the whole time and the crowd was half of normally it would be.
Here are a couple of shots of the area. The Cuyahoga River was right behind the stage.

And then this HUGE barg went by. I could not believe how long it was!

The band did a wonderful set and people really enjoyed it. I passed out the band's hot cards to the crowd as the band played and sold t-shirts. The band played at 1:30 and then it was party time the rest of the day after we loaded the equipement back in the trailer.

The lady, Stacy, who works for the production compamy that books the entertainment is a friend of the family and she hooked us up big time! We got VIP passes for the VIP lounge and here is what they had to eat - fruit, salsa and chips, subs, cookies, brownies, and a cheese tray. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was 3 p.m. and I was hungry! The food was tasty!

So then we got to go backstage and eat dinner with Stacy and other workers. Yes, we ate again! They had make your own burritos and tacos, salad and desserts. Here is my partly eaten black bean and rice burrito and some fabulous carmel trifle. I would have eaten more of the trifle, but I was really getting full. Two meals in two hours!

So the weekend ended with all of us getting comp tickets to see Bret Michaels at the main stage.

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Vicki W said...

Sounds like an all around great weekend!