Monday, May 6, 2013

My weekend working at Miller's Dry Goods, Charm, Ohio

Here is the calm before the storm.

It was crazy on Friday! We had a group of 50 quilters from one retreat and lots and lots of quilters from other retreats in the area. I got to my cutting station at 8 am and only left once to get some water. After that we were steady cutting fabric until 12:30. I finally got to go to lunch at 12:45. At one time there was probably 40 people in line waiting to check out. That line remained that long for at least 2 hours! There were 8 cutting tables and we were all busy! The rest of the afternoon and Saturday were steady, but it never got as jamb packed as it was Friday morning.

I again stayed at the home of one of the Amish ladies that also works at the quilt shop. After we were done working, Mary, mowed her lawn and then we went to a local grocery so she could pick up a few items. After a long day that cup of homemake mint chocolate chip ice cream at the grocery sure tasted good! Here is my room in Mary's house.

So here is the fabric that came home with me. These were all in the bargin basement. The left fabric I bought 2 yards, then I emptied the bolt for the other pieces - 3 1/2 yards, 3 1/4 yards, and 6 1/2 yards - all for $6.00 a yard minus 30%. That means they were $4.20 a yard!

Here are some half yard pieces except the black background comma fabric, the solid grayish, and the gray mud looking comma are 1 yard pieces. The mud comma piece I found in the remment bin for $6.00 a yard plus 30% off - a really great deal!

They had some new sock monkey fabric so I picked up a half yard of each. The Rock star fabric is for a pillow case for my nephew for Xmas, and the gray music was a remment so it just had to come home with me. I stopped at another quilt shop on the way home on Saturday to pick up a few more Halloween fabrics. Miller's just didn't have any that would work with the quilt. I also have a piece of Moda Bella Solid coming. I sold the enitre bolt we had to a lady and it was the most beautiful soft white so I just had to have some. This may replace my beloved Kona Snow. I will show a comparason once I get the Moda.

And of course I picked up a couple more pair of these gloves for machine quilting. The tack wears off after awhile so I like to keep a couple extra pair on hand.

I worked on the Halloween quilt on Sunday, but I am not going to show a picture of it untit the top is done. Yes, I am using the crazy improv pieced triangles.


Vicki W said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

OOOOHHHHH! (High pitched squeal of delight!)

I couldn't wait to see what you brought home this time! What a wonderful cache of cool!


Brenda said...

great deals and a bit of cross-cultural experience to boot!