Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last nights MQG meeting

There were 10 women that showed up for the meeting last night and the topic of discussion was the internet and social media. One member had some older books with sewing and quilting and gav them to whoever wanted them.
Here are our Boston flags.

This piece was done in memory of Euclid Beach Park where she spent many summer days as a child. It was so detailed and beautifully constucted.
Joanna had to projects to share. The dyed fabric was won from Vicki of Field Trips in Fiber.

A hexie hand piecing project. This young woman has learned everything about quilting from the internet! I think that is so great!

A wonderful t-shirt quilt made by Stephanie for a friend of hers.

I forgot to take a picture of June's pink and green quilt - darn! It was so pretty. I didn't have anything for show and tell. All my projects are in progress and I don't like to show unfinished stuff, but next month I should have a bunch.

Rain report - we got a whole 10 minutes of rain about 11 p.m. last night. They are calling for more so let's hope.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Thanks for the show and tell. I keep hoping we will get a change to start a modern guild soon. There is talk!!!!!

Vicki W said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of Joanna's quilt. She got right to work with those scraps! It looks great!