Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boston flag

It was just so hot last evening that I only managed to quilt the skinny strips of one block. I went outside at 7 to see if I could figure out where the grinnies were getting in. I got a can of insulation foam and sprayed it in one hole I found at the garage, but I am not sure that is how they are getting into house wall. I sprayed more foam in the garage wall next to house (my garage is attached) so we will see if that solves the problem. While I was outside I broke up the old temporary shower that I had used until I remodeled the bathrooms. I had to get it into small enough pieces to fit in the garbage tote. I was drenched by the time I got that done so I gave the flowers a quick drink and went inside and sat down. I still have not turned on my A/C so I slept with the fan on all night. It is suppose to cool off this weekend and they are calling for rain this afternoon - lets hope they are right.

I got my flag for the Boston flag project done this morning. I used a batik for the heart and African dutch wax fabrics for the flag and tie. I have to turn it in tonight at the MQG meeting.

Yesterday morning momma duck flew in in front of the office door. She wandered over to a nearby tree, stood there, and quacked a while. I have not seen the ducklings.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Love your boston flag!

Think if me sweating while watching my tile guys lay my tile! LOL.