Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a difference a year makes

Remember last year at this time I was recovering from surgery? Well, I had an ugly looking incision

Now it looks like this

Once I got the staples out I used Rose of Sharon Acres' mango goat milk cream on my incision. I just received my order from Monica and here is what I bought - three jars of the mango goat milk cream, mango goat milk lotion, a pack of soap ends, and three bars of citrus soap. The mango goat milk cream is the bomb! I use it on my face, hands, and body. I no longer have cracked fingers in the winter. My eyelids have tightened up - they were starting to get the crepe look (oh no!!!!). I have used a lot of creams and lotions over the years and nothing compares to this. I will never buy anything else. I have a woman at work that feels the same way once I got her turned on to these products. Her products are as natural as possible.

I like the mango goat milk cream better than the goat milk cream - the mango butter is a little lighter in texture and I like the smell better. I usually get it scented and I have sensitive skin and the scent does not bother my skin. The scent is also very light and disappears. Her soaps are wonderful! They leave my skin smooth and last a long time! They make lots of lather and don't leave a film.

Monica and her husband have gone thru some tough times and they have worked hard to put together the goat farm. Monica tests her products on herself until she gets them just right! If you are looking for stocking stuffers think about supporting a small business and give www.roseofsharonacres.com. Tell her Patty from Akron, OH sent you! She and the goats will be grateful! I do not receive anything for my endorsement nor do I want anything - I am posting this so that maybe someone looking for some fantastic products that suffers from dry skin may finally get some relief like I did.

The other thing I wanted to share is this fabric that was sent to me from Becky at St. Theresa's Textile Trove http://www.sttheresatextile.com/ near Cincinnati, Ohio. I have bought my African Dutch Wax fabrics from Becky over the years. How did she know I needed blues desperatly so that I could make another flag quilt?

(for some reason this picture will not post correctly but you get the idea - she sent me a lot of fabric!)

A few years ago Becky and her partner, Amy of Ovenfried Beads (here is the etsy shop link - you have to see her stuff - the beads, buttons, and jeweley are fun and creative!) http://www.etsy.com/shop/ovenfriedbeads?ref=seller_info_count, closed the store and my friend Peg and I went and bought loads of fabric at their big sale. I have still been buying from her since then. I placed an order not too long ago that got lost in cyberspace. She said she wanted to send me some scraps and odds and ends, so she sent me what she had collected and what she had left of what I tried to order. Becky told me she needs to clean up her website because she is sold out of some things. The kicker is that she did not charge me for any of this! Good grief! Now I have to do something special for her - what I am not sure yet. I figure I could at least post about her shop, let my reader's know to look her up if they are ever in the Cincy area, and that she is having this event (I copied it from the email she sent out):

St. Theresa Textile Trove sponsored Quilt Contest called " My Favorite Saint Mini Quilt Challenge". The Challenge is to depict in a mixed media mini quilt art form of your favorite Saint and how he/she has influenced your life or has inspired you. I have made some changes-including the deadline-so read ahead!
THE RULES for the "My Favorite Saint Challenge"
1. Can be comprised of a mixture of mediums, such as , fabrics, beads, buttons, paints, inks, paper, wood, threads, yarns,etc., making a Quilt Square.
2. Size must be no bigger than 12"X12" -but if you get carried away a little-it will be perfectly acceptable!
3. Entry must be accompanied by a BRIEF statement about the Saint you have chosen ,ie., what they are patron saint of, something they did, why they are a Saint, why they have inspired you. The Saint could also be someone you know that you think should be cannonized to Sainthood-a modern day saint, so to speak.Keep it Short and Simple and Interesting!
4. Entry Must include your name, address and Phone # secured to the back of the piece.
5. Entry becomes the Property of St. Theresa Textile Trove to be displayed in the Pendleton Art Center and will not be returned. The Quilt squares will be eventually sewn together to make one big "Saints Quilt" Hanging to be displayed for the enjoyment of all.
6. Deadline is FEBRUARY 18, 2013.
7. All Entrants will receive a $10.00 St. Theresa Textile Trove Gift Certificate for entering their piece. This is a bonus that will help to defrey cost of mate Entries will be judged by originality, technique, content, story and visual aesthetics.
PRIZES: 1st = $250.00 Gift Certificate from St. Theresa Textile Trove, PLUS a one year membership in the ever Bodacious St. TTT Pak o, the Month Club!
2nd= $150.00 Gift Certificate from St. TTT, Plus a 6 month member ship in the St. TTT POM club!
3rd= $75.00 Gift Certificate from St. T's
Textile Trove, Plus 3months of the
Bodacious St. TTT's Pak of the Mo.
Fabric Club!
4th= 3 Months membership to the Mojo-
kickin', bodaciousfying St.T's POM!

That is over $1000.00 worth of prizes and SWAG!! and how many contests pay you to enter($10.00 gift Certificate)?!
I really want to see those Saints come marching in-that is why I have extended the deadline to mid-february and made the challenge for a quilt square -it simplifies it! But of course , if you have already started on an entry using the old criteria-that's ok-send it in!
afterall, this is St. Theresa's! We are prtty much "out of the Box" here!
With Warm Wishes for the Holidays, I leave you now my friends, and look forward to seeing you out, about and at the Pendleton Art Center for holiday Festivities!

Stay Bodacious My Friends!

Bodacious Becky from the Trove

If you enter the contest let Becky know that I sent you. There is nothing in it for me, except for feeling good about trying to spread the word. Check out her shop too. She carries some interesting fabric.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! I need to try some of that Mango goat's milk cream. Maybe she will send me a tester, I am so sensitive to smells, I get migraines from sweet smells. Like last night. Geez.

Love the dutch wax prints, you turned me on to a new passion.

I am going to present the St T's challenge to my Fiber group tomorrow night. They may love such a challenge.