Friday, November 2, 2012

Art museum, daylilies and a spot of sunshine!

I had a good time at the volunteer's appreciation event at the museum last evening. There was a platter of sandwiches and a veggie/fruit/other/and dessert bar. Other meaning a bowl of corn chips and a plate of bacon. There were three dips - a tub of hot cheese, hot chocolate, and hot carmel. The bacon dipped in cheese was very tasty! After speeches and a lesson in origami, I went up to the gallery to see the new exhibits. The glass was unbelievable! I snuck a picture of these two pieces by Brent Kee Young who lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He does flameworking of glass rods to make these pieces. I would say keep the children away and no playing ball in the gallery! He does have a website or you can get to the website from a link on the Akron Art Museum website.

The other glass artist Sungsoo Kim who lives in Kent, Ohio had glass sculptures using a kiln casting process using disgarded styrofoam. His work make a nice contract to Young's delicate work. I just wanted to pick a little piece off the shelf and have it for my own!

There is going to be a field trip to the artist's studios in Feb. 2013 and I may just have to take a vacation day!

Along with the glass exhibit there is an extensive exhibit of Adolph Gottlieb's paintings and sculptures.

When I was at the museum the clouds parted a bit around 5:45 p.m. and we saw a bit of sunshine and blue sky!

This morning I got dressed quickly so I could get outside and dig up more daylilies before I left for work for one of the ladies I work with. Her husband is coming into town today so he will stop by the house and toss them in his truck. It was 6:15 a.m. so I had to pull out the work light. The digging was very easy since the gound is very soft from all the rain, but the clumps were so heavy that I ended up cutting them in half so I could pick them up.

Here are the daylilies waiting in the driveway to go to their new home.

This weekend's agenda consists of getting a hair cut and finishing the wedding quilt. I also need to get out and clean up the yard a bit. There are lots of leaves that blew in the yard and in front of the garage. I would like to get the daffodils dug up so that I can cover the big flower bed with black plastic for the winter. My plan is for the plastic to kill all the weeds and junk so that in the spring I can start fresh.

Have a great weekend!

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I would like to try the bacon dipped in chocolate!!!