Monday, November 5, 2012

Almost done

I worked on the wedding quilt when I had the energy and now only have half a block to quilt.

I was just too tired to finish the last block after I had spent 3 hours working in the yard raking leaves, digging up plants, and cleaning up debris. I can feel the workout from my chin down to my feet! I need that fellow and his crew from yard crashers to show up and give me a hand! In the spring I was still to tired from my surgery to do anything and then the summer was so hot I couldn't do anything outside. Now I have a real big mess on my hands. With the time change it will be hard to do anything once I get home from work since it will get dark so early. I guess I will have to wait until the weekend to get back at it.

When I went for my walk at the tow path on Friday I almost didn't take my camera since I didn't think I would see anything new. Well, I did! I saw the metro park's truck with a giant leaf blower on the back in blowing the leaves off the tow path! I had no idea that they did that. I wonder if they plow the snow? I guess I will find out eventually.

Half done

Nice and clean!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

How cool!!! I love the leaf lower. Truck! And the half done path, that was pretty cool.

Love that you are nearly finished the wedding quilt!