Monday, January 10, 2011

Addition to the stash

Saturday I picked up my new glasses and stopped at the Material Girls quilt shop since they were having another inventory reduction/moving sale. I found this four pieces for 40% off the lowest price on the bolt. They are Northcott prints and I paid $3.29 a yard. I bought what was left on the bolt. I thought they would work geat as borders and backs. One of the ladies at the store told me they were Holloween prints. I finally looked really close and there is a witch on a broom, but it is so mixed in with all the other printing you wouldn't even notice. I ended up with 39 yards! Oops! I know I will use it all - just think how much it would have cost if I would have paid full price.

I pin based four baby quilts on Saturday. Here one I started quilting. It is about 1/3 done. I was just plain tired Saturday and did not get as much done as my mind wanted.

I spent some time yesterday straighting up some of my stash. I keep most of my commerical prints, dutch wax prints, batiks, solids, and backing in this area. See Ricky Junior up on top watching over everything? He is looking fly in his REM t-shirt and leather pants.

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Leeanne said...

Nice fabrics.seems to be the time to sort and straighten up our 'playstations'