Monday, October 18, 2010

Books, patterns, misc. and homespuns for sale

Here is the bundle of fat quarters I won from Canton Village Quiltworks. I have already washed and cut them into strips for a project I have in mind. Thanks you Jackie!

The girls are doing well and are finally back up to birth weight. So today I added homespun fabric, books, and patterns for the car project fundraiser.


For the books I will consider all offers. I have no idea what they would be worth to any of you out there. I will combine all the books for shipping Media Rate. I looked it up and 1 pound = $2.38, 2 pounds = $2.77, 3 pounds = $3.16 etc. Pretty reasonable. So after you contact me with what you want, I will weight the books and get you a total. You can then send me a check and after I received the check I will mail the books and /or fabric. I have already made almost enough for the first car payment! Don't forget to look at my posts from last week if you are interested in feedsack fabric or any of the remaining African dutch wax prints. Contact me at paltier at rpj-aps dot com. Thanks in advance for all your support!

Item FQ01 - 8 fat quarters with the blue piece - $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping

Item FQ02 - 8 fat quarters - $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping

Item FQ03 - 4 fat quarters - $4.00 plus $1.30 shipping

Item FE01 - 8 fat eights - $4.00 plus $1.30 shipping

Item FE02- 14 fat eights - $7.00 plus $2.00 shipping

Item FE03 - 16 fat eights - $8.00 plus $2 shipping

Item B01

Item B02 Well used by my Mom, but still in good shape. The majority of this book is in black and white except for the loose pages that show all the block in color.

Item B03

Item B04

Item B05

Item B06

Item B07

Item B08

Item B09

Item B10

Item B12

Item B13 This is the book and ruler for this technique. I changed directions and never used it.

Item B14

Item B15

Item B16 Tote pattern

Item B17 Mini templates

Item B18 Pick one of these as a free bonus with an order.

Item B19

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Leeanne said...

Love the plaids, but I'm here in New Zealand, so I'm a bit off the beaten track. Good luck with raising the funds you need.