Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Great reuse and zig zag quilt progress

Yesterday I came across a post on LuAnn's blog https://luannkessi.blogspot.com/ and she showed the vintage train cases she had collected. LuAnn uses these to carry her hand piecing projects. Each case is supplied with a scissors, pins, and everything she needs for working on a project. You need to go to her blog and read this post. I had a train case sitting in the garage and here it is. Mine is a color called Wild Strawberry. It has been sitting in the garage for years and now I will be using it as a sewing box to carry supplies. I have thanked LuAnn for the brilliant idea!

I got the rest of the strips cut for the zig zag quilt. I found some Kona white in my stash, but it needed washed so I did that last evening and cut the strips this morning. I now can start sewing tonight!


QuiltSwissy said...

Oh no! I had one my parents had given me as a high school graduation gift. Yellow. It came with a suitcase. I guess they were trying to tell me something.

Of course it went under the water. ......unless it is in the attic........

Vicki W said...

I remember when my Mom had one of these. Haven't seen them in years! Yours is in pristine condition!