Thursday, December 8, 2016

Binding progress

Despite being tired, I powered thru and got the corners sewn and the quilts trimmed. Tonight I will start the hand stitching.

It has been muddy at work so I have been wearing my boots. I have been getting my steps in everyday, but I have been tired. This morning I decided to take my new Dr. Scholes inserts out of my athletic shoes and put them in my boots. Wow what a difference. The original inserts in the boots were thin and served no purpose! I will be interested to see how I feel tonight. I have been getting to work early so I can walk before working. I walk the parking lots at the high school and middle school (the two buildings are connected) and entertain myself by listening to my iPod and looking for lost change. This morning I found a quarter and three pennies. Last week I found a 5/8" combination wrench and a key on a lanyard. I turned the key into the school - it was lost by a teacher. I pick up pencils - I will never have to buy one! - and a couple of weeks I found a baseball. Crazy the stuff that gets lost! It's only 8:54 and I already have 7,283 steps. My goal everyday is to get 10,000, but during the week I have been doing between 11 and 13,000. Saturday and Sunday I don't always get all my steps in.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think walking in boots is more tiring than walking in shoes. Good for you keeping up your step goal in colder weather.