Monday, October 12, 2015

Charm days and the green/blue UFO

I spent Friday and Saturday working at Miller's Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio for Charm Days. All the businesses in town had specials and there were lots of activities for the community including fundraisers. Fabrics, patterns, thread, books, and notions were 20% off. I tried hard to restrain myself from buying fabric except for projects I had in mind. I bought mostly 1/4 yards of these green and turquoise fabrics to add to what I already had for a project. The bottom pieces in each pile were a bit bigger as they were remnants so I had to take the whole piece - a 2/3 and 1 yard piece. I actually don't like the top green fabric so I don't know that I will use it now.

The white and black print was 20% off, but the rest of the fabric was 20% off the discounted price from the bargain basement. I bought mostly 1/2 yard and 1 yards pieces.

The two mud colored fabrics were in the bargain basement and the papaya - well, I just loved the color! It was 3 3/4 yards.

I loved this Moda line call Nocturne so I bought a 1/2 yard piece of each. The ladies were all laughing at me because I couldn't decided how much to buy. They were egging me on to at least buy at yard or two of each! I told them I would make a quilt with them and show it to them when I come to work for the anniversary sale next May.

I needed some gray thread. It is hard to tell, but there are three different colors.

I also bought some embroidery floss for my next t-shirt piece. They have a huge assortment of DMC floss.

Here is one part of the shop on Saturday morning all ready for the customers to come and shop.

When I got home Saturday at 4 p.m., I started washing my fabric and it was all washed, dried and pressed before I went to bed!

I finished quilting the green, blue, and black UFO. I also cut the binding and I will have just enough - yeah! Maybe I will get that sewn on tonight.


Vicki W said...

Sooooo, you restrained yourself? Great purchases!

Brenda said...

nice fabrics. I only buy half a yard if I don't have a real plan for it.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You have some great additions to your stash there. I know how much fun it is to work at those sales. I always enjoyed it as a worker, not so much as a shopper, standing in line.

QuiltSwissy said...

Love all the fabric! You made some great great choices. I can't wait till you sew some of them up so they will really shine!