Tuesday, September 22, 2015

T-shirt orgainazation and next project

I cleared out a spot in one of the closets for hanging my t-shirts that are prepped with interfacing. I pinned a post-it with the subject matter so I can easily find what I am looking for.

I spent the majority of last evening doing 2 1/2 hours of yard work. What a mess!
I first got the weed eater out and trimmed the front and a patch in the back that was so tall I couldn't mow it last time I mowed the back. Next I mowed the front. I was surprised how wet the grass was in places. We haven't had any rain since Saturday night. I did have to sweep up a bit from the crabgrass I pulled out of the flower beds, but I was toast by 7 p.m. Here is what it look like when I was done. Better, but it still needs more TLC.

My next project is going to be this UFO. I put this piece together with the scraps from another quilt. Most of the green and blue pieces are already machine quilted so mostly I just have the black to quilt. The backing is a piece of shibori that I dyed years ago.

This UFO quilt
was going to be my next project to finish, but I have run out of white quilting thread. I think I have too many UFO projects!


QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, I remember that music quilt! It will be some pretty intense quilting sessions!

I am reading a book about Kon-Mari who is an "organization and clearing out stuff in your house" expert in Japan. I need to talk about it on the blog so I actually would do it.

then I could have a closet space to use like you have! LOL

Vicki W said...

We all have too many UFO projects!

Joanna said...

Personally, I'd love to see you finish the quilt with the black background. And it's further along, right?