Friday, September 18, 2015

Slowly, but surely

I managed to get one more side of the binding hand sewn last evening. I am finding that stitching thru the flannel backing and binding is taking a bit longer. The red flannel is a very good quality fabric I bought a long time ago at Miller's Dry Goods when Mrs. Miller was still alive. She use to buy mill ends and this had to be flannel from some high end manufacturer. It is almost like felt. A lot of the flannel you get these days is so poorly made - thin and loosely woven. I will get the last side done this weekend and move on to the next project.

Someone in the neighborhood is having a yard sale today and tomorrow. I will be hitting it at lunch to see if they have any t-shirts. Tomorrow I plan on hitting a Goodwill and a resale shop. Vicki from Field Trips in Fiber found me two Bob Marley shirts and Glenda from quiltswissy/ found me a bunch of LSU t-shirts! I will post pictures once I get them. Thank you so much ladies!

The weather is suppose to be cooler on Sunday so I will make the time to work in the yard. It needs it bad!

Have a great weekend!

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