Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scrap busting and another block quilted

This past weekend I decided to take the leftovers from the Halloween quilt and make a baby quilt. Now I used a lot of the scraps in the borders of the Halloween quilt but I still had more so I threw them up on the design wall and this is what I came up with. I am sure someone will like it. I will quilt it in June during Quilt Swissy's get those UFO's done quilt-a-thon. And yes, there are still a few scraps left besides the FQ's. When Peg comes up to visit in June she will take some of the Halloween fabric that has spiders on them. She is making quilts that have blocks that look like presents for every holiday and she wants to make a spider one for Halloween. I think I have four or five prints that I can contribute to that quilt.

An update on the raccoon - he has not come back. I must have scared him so bad he won't risk trying again. Of course, I keep the window shut a night and have the bananas in a container so the house doesn't smell like bananas anymore. Now I had an issue with grinnies aka chipmonks. I was down in the sewing room this morning and I heard some scratching in the wall. I had an issue several years ago and I found how they were getting in and filled up the voids. I checked this morning and couldn't see where they might be getting in so I will have to do a more intense investigation after work tonight.

I received my spool of dark, dark, gray thread I needed for the yellow and gray quilt yesterday. It sure came fast. I had ordered it off of ebay.

So here is the block I tried the thread on. I like the results and now I may buy more of this if I need any other colors for this quilt. Two done - 28 to go! It was so hot last night it was hard to sew. My downstairs sewing room is much cooler than upstairs, but there wasn't any breeze so it was just a bit stuffy. I had to go on a hunt last evening for the box fan for the bedroom. I am just not ready to turn the A/C on yet. At 6:45 this morning it was already 75 degrees. We have had no rain for quite a while and it is very dry. I may have to drag the hose out to give the plants a drink if it doesn't rain soon.

The back

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QuiltSwissy said...

I wonder if the hot sauce in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water with a few drops of dish soap will work on the chipmunks?

It works on squirrels very well. I spray it where I don't want them, like on the feeders, or the edge of the roof.

You have to respray after a rain, but it lasts for a while if it doesn't wash away.