Monday, May 20, 2013

Progress on the gray and yellow quilt and a duckling!

Friday and Saturday I pin baseted the gray and yellow quilt and on Sunday I was able to get one block quilted. Only 29 more blocks to go! I ended up going to Cleveland on Saturday night to see my nephew's band play at a charity fundraiser. It was 1:45 a.m. before I got to bed. Then on Sunday I went to Dover to see my son. I didn't get home until 5 p.m. and I was a bit tired, but I wanted to get at least started on the y&g quilt. It felt so good to machine quilt. It has been awhile and I really missed it. I need to have this quilt done by June 15 which sounds like that would be plenty of time, but in the evenings I figure I can only get part of one block done with all the other stuff I need to do. I will try and hit it hard this Memorial Day weekend.

Here is what the back looks like.

Remeber the pair of mallards that tried to make a nest in the bushes where I work last year? Well, they managed to produce one duckling - at least that is all I saw this morning. It is so tiny! You may have to enlarge the picture to see it. The duckling is between momma and the bushes.


Vicki W said...

Oh how cute!

MariQuilts said...

The quilting looks's going to be a wonderful quilt. Such a cute little duckling.

QuiltSwissy said...

Oh I see him!!!!!! Too cute.

get some sleep, girlie!