Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fixing stuff

Last night was about getting some repair jobs done. I had this pair of pants that had the pocket torn at the one side. It is a tough place to mead since there is not much fabric there. The fabric was shredded to boot too! I did some hand sewing to connect some areas back together, used some fusible web to hold the shreads back together, and then did a zig azg topstitch to finish off the end. There was zig zag topstitching orginally, but not as wide and long as I had to do it in order to secure the fabric. I decided to do more topstitching on the left pocket so that it kind of matched the right to blend in. It was all I could do to fix the problem. I figure he wears a lab coat so nobody will see it anyway!

Next it was on to patching a pair of lacross gloves. The kid's father needed to make these gloves last a bit longer. I got out my ultrasuede scraps and my leather glue. I cut and glue patches on in inside and outside of the worn areas where you would grip the lacross stick.

Here they are patched up. The dad is happy that these gloves will last thru summer lacross camp and delay the purchase of a new pair until fall.

So that was two jobs done and out of my house - YEAH!

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QuiltSwissy said...

You really are Renaissance Woman!!!