Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Busy, but no sewing

At work we are trying to finish up the estimating on a 350.000 s. f. high school/middle school by Friday. I have lots and lots of furniture to count so I took the drawings home last evening and worked on them. I just want to get this done! I am tired of doing this day after day and feeling the pressure of getting it done. We have a team of seven working on this estimate to get it done in three weeks! We normally have a month to do an estimate on a 50 - 60 thousand s.f. elementary! But the architects are behind so to make up a little of the time (very little!) the estimating group has to get the estimate done FAST! Does it make us look good? Well, not really because I think the building will be over budget and that does not sit well with the school and the architect. Oh well, we will see how the numbers add up on Tuesday. Here is one page of the drawings I was working on. I color them in as I count and write the counts on the page.


DanaJ said...

i did MEP estimating for a contractor/mfg., and i could never figure out why the extreme rush to bid, every single project. Do people just wake up one day and say "Hey, i want to build this $23million project, how fast can you get me the price?" Stupid.

QuiltSwissy said...

Daughter Carrie does stuff like this. She is the head od design at an architects office. She does the interiors for them and does all the presenting of the info to the clients.

That comes from the.22 years she watched both of us do presentations in. Toastmasters. It rubbed off!