Monday, November 12, 2012

What a weekend

Saturday night I worked at the art museum. They were having a retirement dinner for the CEO. My job - coat check. It was 65 degrees on Saturday so we only had about 20 coats/wraps to deal with. The two and a half hours standing on a concrete floor totally wore me out so I didn't stay to pass out the coats after the dinner was over. We had lots of help so it wouldn't be an issue. Here are some pictures from the event.

Artist Kristen Cliffel donated a ceramic piece to the museum in honor of the CEO's retirement. The cupcake theme reflects the desert of the evening. The sculpture was very cool and about 3 feet tall.

The had a lovely dinner for the volunteers also. Chicken, salad, cupcakes, bread sticks, and a mixed roasted root veggie selection which included sweet potatoes, small white potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash. I have never had butternut squash before, but I loved it! Now I have to find out how to cook a butternut squash and go get some.

I spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning out the garage. It was like a junk yard exploded in there! I wanted to move all my tools that I had sitting in the downstairs foyer

and hang them back on the pegboard in the garage

where they belong and so I can find something when I am needing a screwdriver or a hammer. Before I could hang the tools up I had to clean up all the stuff that was sitting in front of the peg board. So about 5 - 6 hours later including dong a few other jobs along the way, the garage has been tamed. Here is the after shot of the peg board. The plastic tub in front of the peg board has tools that can't be hung up.

And now the foyer is nice and open

Before - the left side

after - the left side

before - back of the garage

after - back of the garage

before - right side

after - right side

The other reason to work on the garage before winter was to fill in an opening that formed from the slab settling away from the foundation at the back of the garage. Filling in will hopefully keep any critters out.

On the right side of the garage there was a crack between the slab and the wall so I filled it with caulk and then sprayed on waterproofing to keep the moisture from seeping inside the wall to the house. The slab slopes toward the right side and so in the winter the snow and rain off the car will run to the right instead of out the garage overhead door.

I did spend some time stitching out some of the designs from Angela Walter's book.

Then my next project is to take this pile of blocks I made from my scraps

and turn them into as many of these small quilts as I can to donate to the Ronald McDonald house which is my company's xmas charity project this year. I wonder how many quilts this pile of blocks will make?

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DanaJ said...

Wonderwoman, nice job on the garage.

Wanted to tell you that I had to show the guys at work the "beach inspired" quilt. Such a subtle feel, very accomplished. They were impressed, also. It does have that sunwashed, sundried, windy feeling of Galveston.

Greetings from Houston TX
Dana J