Thursday, November 15, 2012

Second McQuilt top done and Buffet quilt pictures

I forced myself to be productive last evening and here is the second top done

My plan is to put together a bunch of tops, next I will spend the time to pin basted all of them, then machine quilt them one after another. I can get them done faster this way rather than doing one start to finish at a time.

I walked to the end of the towpath yesterday. The marked walking path ends at the edge of the downtown area. There are signs for biking, but there is no exclusive space just for bikes - you have to wrestle with the cars and buses.
End of the path

Walking towards the downtown area is an uphill grade. It gets the old heart a pumpin'!

Here is a section of retaining wall that you walk thru

Another bridge

It goes over the highway

This part of the towpath is only.8 of a mile, but the scenery varies a lot!

Here are some pictures of the pictures I have of the Jimmy Buffet quilt I made back in 2005.

Some detail shots

Some machine quilting detail of a palm tree and his intials

Here is the quilt I made for his wardrobe lady. Here is the back which all this fabric - a large floral and a print with koi fish - came from the fabric she gave me.

The front


Vicki W said...

Love, love, love the wardrobe lady's quilt!

shawn said...

Great quilts- love the bright colors. You are very fortunate to have such cool paths to walk on!

QuiltSwissy said...

Love the quilts and the quilting! I aosl love bridges. I have pictures from all our vacations of bridges everywhere I see them, that is if I am fast enough with the camera to take them.

When I shot with the AE-1 it was easier to whip it out. Now I have to turn on the digital!