Monday, November 19, 2012

Patches used - patches made

I started putting up patches on the design wall for a quilt top for a top requested by one of my blogging buddies, Vicki. Here is the finished top - 50" x 60"

I didn't have enough red patches so I got out the scrap bins and started making more patches. I ended up using 74 patches I already had and added 46 of the new patches that I made on Saturday. Here is what is left of the original pile of patches - still quite a few

Here is the pile of new patches I made

When I was going thru my scrap bins I found these two stacks of patches - 4 1/2" and 3 1/2" squares. I can see me cutting up more of my white and off white scraps and making some cute checkerboard McQuilts.

I wasn't planning on making more patches this weekend, but I am happy that I used up more of my white and off white scraps along with the red scraps. I then looked around to see how many more scraps I have and was almost overwhelmed! I just had to walk away! I need to quit goofing off and turn them into something!

Sunday I was outside digging up the canna rizomes and covering the rest of my flower bed with plastic when I heard the blimp. It went right over my house.

Here you can see the moon to the right of the blimp - this was just before 4 in the afternoon.