Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hazards everywhere and the McQuilts

Last Friday when I went walking down at the towpath there was a paving crew. They had nothing barricaded off and people just passed threw the small section where they were working. On my way back I crossed from one side of the path to the other and almost walked into this.

That is a lit blow tourch sitting right next to the path! The flame doesn't show - it was very blue. There was no one watching it, no barricades, no nothing! Talk about an accident waiting to happen! I made several phone calls and finally got a hold of someone at the metro parks to come down and supervise the paving crew. The one crew member I did see and express my concern for the danger just looked at me and smiled. After I bitched enough he finally turned it off. I now have OSHA's 800 number in my phone and next time I will just call them. I am sure they would love to come and discuss the asphalt company's safety procedures!

I sewed together the first of many McQuilts as I am calling them. After I layed the sewn rows out I realized I am one row short. No problem I have plenty of patches!

I got two more McQuilts laid out on the design wall.

Here is the original pile of patches

and after using 138 patches the pile doesn't look much smaller!

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QuiltSwissy said...

WOW! It is amazing they didn't start a fire or something. Crazy, they should be disciplined by OSHA.

Love the Ziggy McQuilts! Love that name, McQuilts!