Monday, November 26, 2012

Another McQuilt, dress, pies, and a flannel quilt

I got another McQuilt top done

I got my dress and over top made for the wedding. It is nothing special and I just want to blend into the background. I need to throw a quick hem in the dress and it will be done. I still have two pairs of pants to hem also, but that won't take long so then I am calling it quits for clothes for the trip. There could be some repeat wearings, but I don't care.

the overtop

I decided to work on a flanned UFO that I had on my list back in May. I put a border on it, pieced the backing, and started quilting it. The border is quilted and I will work on the center as I get time. I would like to have it done Dec. 6th to give to a lady at the art museum that is going thru some tough health issues. I think it would be nice to have to keep warm this winter. Oh, we received our first snow this weekend, but it is gone now.

I made pies and sweet potatoes to take to my brother's house on Sunday for Thanksgiving. They ate the pecan pie and half of one pumpkin. I brought the other pumpkin to work - I am sure the guys will eat it.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, you did REAL pies! LOL. Like the UFO near finish! So sweet for that lady, she will so appreciate it.

now I am hungry......