Friday, November 16, 2012

3rd McQuilt top and more

I sewed last evening while I watch a show about fixing people's tatoos that had gone wrong. The show was interesting and the tatoo artist are so talented! I did get the 3rd McQuilt top sewn together.

I laid out two more on the design wall - one periwinkle and another blue one.

Here again is the orginal pile of patches

So after using 240 from the pile here is what it looks like now - still quite a few left!

I have a lot of dark and medium blue patches which I think would make a boring quilt so I went and found my box of scrap strips for zig zag blocks. I think I will go thru this box and make a bunch more patches so I have more patches to work with. There are always more scraps aren't there?

It is sunny here - YEAH! - so yesterday's walk was so nice. It is cool - aroun 36 degrees, but that is perfect for a good hard walk.

There is this electric tower across the canal from the tow path

See the orange cones? I always wondered why there were support lines running from this tower across the canal to the path side. I asked my brother and he said that the tower was balancing on three legs. Look at the left leg hanging in mid air! The electric company is in the process of fixing this issue.

I forgot to post this picture of a blue heron I saw the other day. There is a large population of these birds in the area. I see them fly over my house all the time and they make absolutely no noise when they fly.

Have a great weekend!


Vicki W said...

If you want to use up the dark patches you ca make one that is about 48 x 60 and send the top to me. I will quilt and bind it and donate it to the veteran's hospital. That would get them out of your stash!

patty a. said...

Vicki, I will put together a top this weekend and put it in the mail on Monday. Thanks so much!