Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fifth finish of 2011

Quilting this quilt was a struggle. The thread would shred and it would break. I fiddled with the tension, I re-threaded the machine, messed with the bobbin, and I changed the needle. The problem continued. I finally was just sitting there frustrated and looked at the spool and noticed that the thread leading to the where your start to thread the machine looked irregular - thin and thicker. AH! Let's change the spool of thread! That worked. I was finally able to get this quilt finished.

I had taken Monday off so I spent 3 solid days in the studio. Saturday was somewhat of a bust quilting the above mentioned quilt, but Sunday and Monday I got a lot of work done. I pieced four baby quilts and they are all pin basted. One of the strip sets I showed last Friday had a soccer print, an olive stripe, and a blue strip. I decided to change this from a baby quilt to a twin size and give it to my nephew for his birthday in July. I dug around and found plenty of same fabric. I may still put a border on it, but the blocks are all sewn together.

Tommorrow I will post about my light bulb moment I had this weekend and how I am dealing with some of my scraps.

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