Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilts for sale

I only had time to take pictures of two quilts for sale. Today I am headed to the dentist (an hour away from where I live), I will stop at the hospital to see the girls on the way back (the hospital is half way between the dentist and home), and then I am headed to my brother's house - he lives in the same city I do - to watch his two boys while he and his wife go to a dinner party. I need to squeeze in a trip to the post office to mail a couple of African and feedsack fabric orders. Crazy!

Make sure you look at all the pictures because they do have condition issues and I want to be very up front with that. Any offers will be considered and I can get you a cost for the shipping. I will only charge exactly what the shipping costs. Continential US only. If I don't sell them off my blog they are going on ebay along with the books, feedsack fabric, and the leftover African fabric. It is great there are so many ways to turn your stuff into green!

This is a hand pieced and hand quilted feedsack quilt. The individual squares are quite small - 1" or less. It measures 49" wide and 61 1/2 to 58" long. Yes, it is a little wacky size wise, but then again it was hand done.

Here are the five small holes that are located in the border area.

A little discoloration.

This quilt is 42" x 54", machine quilted. It has a few issues - see the pictures below and is heavy for its size. I would be interesting to know what was used for batting. I am not expecting to get much for this - maybe a few bucks plus the shipping cost. I have no idea why I even bought it in the first place. I guess I liked the polka dotted fabric.

There is a dark spot and some staining. The staining does show on the green side - see next picture.

Here is what the spot looks like on the green side

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