Monday, October 25, 2010

Found the camera cord so here we go! Parties, my list and quilts!

I was reading artsyville's blog last week and she was talking about a Tuesday list to post. I said I could do that! Here is my list for Tuesday. Yes, I write on my hand so I won't lose my list, because I am not planning on losing my hand. I end up losing paper lists. I have been doing this for years. So far I have three things done!

On Saturday morning I drove and hour to New Philadelphia, Ohio to The Material Girl store. They were having an end of the bolt sale. The sale started on Friday and the end of the bolts were pretty much picked over. I did get this beautiful floral and a couple of Jan Sassman prints at a really great price.

So then I went to the Tractor Supply store on my way out of town and I finally found some Orvis - a big old tub of it! It was $30.00, but it will last me forever! I think it weighed 7.5#.

Saturday night I got to attend a fundraiser that my nephew played at. Here he is before playing discussing things with his Mom and Dad. His Dad is my brother. Michael did a wonderful job and the crowd truly appreciated his efforts. Michael also played two songs with the next group that perform which was Ohio. Ohio did a great job of entertaining the crowd too. They must have played for at least 2 hours. It was a great party and I was lucky to be able to attend.

This is patio that had the new fireplace, sitting walls, and a bar-b-que. I forgot to take picture when I first arrived when it was still light outside. The landscaping was beautiful.

Here is the other side of the garage. There is a kitchen area inside the garage that the caterers used and all the food was set up inside.

This was the opening at the Art Museum's exhibit "Who Shot Rock n' Roll" on Friday night. I sold drink tickets and got just a peak at the show. I had a lot of fun.

Well, here are the quilts. If you see something you are interested in let me know at paltier at rpj-aps dot com. The shipping will be either $10.70 or $14.50 USPS piority shipping box - which ever the quilt(s) will fit into. We can work that out when we get to that point. Continental US only.

Embroidered pale blue quilt 57" x57" machine pieced and hand quilted. some wear on the binding.

bow tie quarter quilt. 35" x40". The border is damaged, there are a few stains, and several of the bows have worn thru, but I had to save this. I remember seeing this at an auction and I just knew it would get thrown in the trash. It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Star 9 patch - 63" x 63". the blocks are hand pieced except for the extra strips taht were added to three blocks to make them bigger. The sashing and borders are machine sewn. It is hand quilted. There are a couple of small brown spots and the polka dotted fabric in the sashing is also on the back. The green fabric is showing some fading also.

Faded yellow embroidered quilt - 68" x 87". This poor quilt has been well loved by someone. It was hard to photograph because it is so faded. The embroidery is pretty - baskets and flowers - but it is very pale. There are a few holes and the binding is very warn. I have no idea where I got this quilt.

Dresden plate - now this quilt is beyond rough condition. The yellow background fabric is a disaster! 75" X 81". When I was taking pictures of it, it dawned on me that the dresden plates, which are hand pieced and appliqued and in good condition, could be removed and appliqued on a new background. The fabrics in the plates are feedsack prints.

I made this pinwheel quilt sometime in the late 80's early 90's. 35" x 50". The batting is polyester. It is machine pieced and hand quilted.

Double pink irish chain 63" X 83". the blocks were hand pieced and the borders were machine pieced. Hand quilted. Binding has heavy wear. It does have a couple of spots on it, but considering how this looked when it came into my life it is in pretty good shape. For some rease I really love this quilt and it's another one that is going to be hard to let go of.

Red star - 72" x 88". Overall in good condition except for on hole in the top only. See the picture below. The binding is very narrow and somewhat worn. It is machine pieced and hand quilted.

Red and blue 9 patch on point. 74" x77" It is in very good condition - no holes! I covered the original binding years ago because it was in real bad shape, but the binding I put on can be removed to show the original. This one is going to be hard to let go of. I forgot to write down if the blocks were hand or machined pieced, but it is hand quilted.


Exuberant Color said...

That large floral is beautiful. I was surprised too at the price of the Orvis when I bought mine a couple months ago. I remember when that size tub was $11. Of course that was a few years ago.................

aimee said...

hands are so handy, aren't they? i have a friend who writes EVERYTHING up and down her arms - she is a walking ballpoint pen of lists. so i love this. did you make it to walgreens?

S.E.Minegar said...

this method totally trumps post-its! are you returning books to the library? or checking new ones out?

Anonymous said...

Love your list! And the quilt photos. I checked out your other blog too. Lovely fun!


Lynn Fisher said...

Looks like you accomplished some of those things too! Inventive way to list!

patty a. said...

Exuberent Color - I had checked ebay and small 4 oz bottles of Orvis were over $10.00! I was just happy to finally find some.

Aimee - Your friend and I - great minds think alike!(LOL)

S.E. Minegar - I was returning a book and CD. I was in line to dropping them off last night on my way to the museum, but there were two cars ahead of me and I did not have time to wait. That task is back on the list/hand today.

hapeingsonchaosranch - Thanks for you comment. If you meant artsyville as my other blog I only wish it was - that is Aimee's blog and it is so inspirational!

Lynn Fisher - I do like to cross off tasks as I get them done so I feel like I am accomplishing something.