Thursday, February 23, 2017

Plugging away

After I spent a half hour straightening up a section of the garage, I sat down and hand quilted. I had 5 steps short of 15,000 so I was good there. I quilted 2 plus hours and this is where I am at on this project.

I have all four of the nine patch blocks quilted

I have all the 1/4" away from the edge borders done on the stenciled squares. I still have all four motifs to quilt.

And I have the 1/4" border stitching done on the star block.

I had some leftovers from the last batch of soup I made so I threw them together. I had leftover chicken broth, chicken, and some kale. I dumped that in a big pot

The traditional wedding soup I learned how to make from my late x-MIL had beef in and used endive, but I am using what I have. I was surprised how the kale tasted so much like the endive. I have done this with spinach, but the spinach flavor is much stronger and takes over too much. To finish the soup off I used one egg since I didn't have that much soup and beat in graded parmesan cheese.

I then dripped the egg and cheese mixture in the hot soup while stirring. This distributes the egg and cheese throughout the soup. Here is what it looks like then

Usually I would cook some beef with the chicken to make broth and shred both to throw back in the broth. I would also make little bitty meatballs, cook them in a fry pan and then throw those in the soup. I was surprised that the soup was still very tasty with those two items. I am going to make more of this for sure.


swooze said...

Your quilt is looking good!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Oh! I made chicken soup yesterday! But I used chicken broth and then added a nice can of cocoanut milk. And carrots with a hand full of mushrooms! I texted my neighbor to see if they wanted some but they didn't respond fast enough and we ate without them. They are still living in their camper. But they have an oven!

Kaja said...

You have been very productive this week - I guess this will be done soon. Glad to hear that your fingers are toughening up. :-)