Tuesday, February 28, 2017

AHIQ monthly post update

Here is the current state of my Chinese Coin quilt

I am debating on which fabric to use for the sashing piece between the main body and the borders. I have two vintage Marimekko pieces that I tried out. I think the one with the black background is a possibility

This Jay McCarroll - this is a no

This print - no

A spiderweb print - this is a maybe

Boo Crew - no - print is too small

Large skeleton print - not sure - maybe too bold

I plan on quilting this with different colors of thread so I don't want to add too much other color. I have a bit of red in a couple pieces of fabric already.

I made these most delicious chocolate sugar cookies last night for the guys at work. The recipe didn't even make 3 dozen cookies, but they were very easy to make and tasted so good!

It has been so warm that the daffodils are already forming flower heads! Crazy!


Monica said...

I seem to recall that I was in favour of the Marimekko on a previous project, and here it still is! You have to cut it sometime. :D

But, maybe not for this one! I love that quiet gradation you have going on, and the coloured threads in the quilting will be awesome. I would stick with a fairly flat, small scale print, and then the gradation will be the main focus. It's going to be gorgeous!

I can't believe your daffodils, and you are not far south of here! It's going to be an early spring. :D

Marly said...

I like how you've graded the fabrics from dark to light. As for the sashing I like the flash of red from the two red prints; I think it gives more depth to the b/w, but maybe you can achieve a similar effect with the quilting thread.

Ann said...

I love the fabric gradation and the wedge-shaped coins. Perfection.
About the photo of the red you thought was too bright. I agree but I was very drawn to a bit of red in an otherwise black inner border. Especially since you have some red in other prints.
And, like Monica, the Marimekko is gorgeous.
Thanks for joining this project and sharing your progress on AHIQ. You add so much to the community.

QuiltSwissy said...

Oh Oh OH! The leaves are drop dead gorgeous!

JanineMarie said...

I was immediately drawn to the Marimekko. :) I really like the movement of the gradation across the quilt and the shape of the coins. Really looking forward to seeing how you decide to quilt it.

Kaja said...

Oh that Marimekko! I like the gradation too and am fascinated to see which sashing you end up choosing.

Magpie Sue said...

What if you were to piece your sashing strip? Insert bits of red into one of your black prints just to tease the viewer's eye. Or perhaps use a light value under the darker parts of your coin piecing and graduate to a darker value under the lighter coins? That could be an interesting challenge. Good luck!

Stephie said...

Marrimeko leaves all the way for me! Love the crisp feel you've created and I think the leaves will add a touch of organic movement to bring it life. It's going to be a fantastic whatever you choose :)

PaulaB quilts said...

Your gradations along with the slants cuts are great. I gave up on b/w and you did it with flare. I do love the red and black Marimeko because it is a large quilt and that won't overwhelm anything else.. Waiting to see what you chose. Have a good month of March and enjoy those daffodils.

Cathy said...

Ok....what everyone else said!! Marrimeko leaves!
I like the idea of quilting in colored threads too.

Sharon said...

I love the Marimekko leaves! They complement the subtle greys you have in this, and give it just a subtle color. And I do like the nature element to contrast a little with all the hard edges of the wedges. But whatever you pick will look good. It will be fun to see what you do!

Janie said...

Nice design wall. I love the 'liberated' thing you've got going,
tons of fun!