Monday, December 7, 2015

T-shirt quilt sewing and finally yard work

I was happy to get more of the t-shirt quilt sewn together. My plan was to get it done this weekend, but I received a text from my sister that she has another t-shirt for the quilt. Since sewing the top together, I realize I need another row of shirts which is a good thing. Now instead of the green guitar shirt going on the back, I have room for it on the front plus room for the additional t-shirt. Here is the top so far.

Sunday one of my brothers came over to have me fix his son's dress pants. The seams had come apart by the pockets. We talked as I was fixing them and I asked him if he could try and start my mower. Yes, on December 6th I mowed my grass! I have never in my life mowed grass in December! It was in the high 40's yesterday and wearing a hoodie was too much clothing! The last time I used my mower it sputtered and smoked so I thought I was going to have issues getting it started. A couple of weeks ago I had gone to the auto store and bought this stuff.

Well, the bottle was enough for 12 gallons, so we put a bit in the mower, fresh gas, and it ran like new! I could not believe how quiet the mower ran! It is one I bought in 1985 and is now running like new! That additive cost $9.00, but it was worth every penny! The fellow at the store said once it is opened it is only good for about a month, so he told me to put the rest in my car so that is what I did. I don't think I will have to mow again until spring. Since it was so beautiful out I decided to clean up the front. I racked up debris from the neighbor's arborvitae and moved it out back to the compost pile.

Here is what the front looked like before I got started

Then after mowing, doing some raking, and hauling two more wheelbarrow loads to the compost pile, this is what the front looks like now.

I need to get a bag of winter fertilizer since warm weather is forecasted for the next week and rain for Wednesday would be good. Maybe the fertilizer would help the yard next year since when I was mowing this was coming up!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Your tshirt quilt is looking so good. I love it when it all comes together.

Good job on the lawn mower, frank uses a similar product in his cars all the time. He runs so many miles each week between LA, MS, AL and FL so he puts about 300,000 miles in 5 years and gets a new car. Rarely has a problem in all those miles. Swears by that stuff!