Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What story does this picture tell?

I washed the fabric for the QuiltCon Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge - my LAST CHALLENGE! Here is the first block cut. I haven't decided what configuration that my blocks will take. That decision will come as I get more blocks made and put them on the design wall.

I have been making time for myself every day since last Friday to get in some form of exercise. I will be working at Miller's Dry Goods Quilt Shop for a couple of days next month and I need to get some stamina. I sit at day at my job and it is killing me. Last night it was working out to my exercise tape which uses weights. It was a struggle, but I got thru it. The bottle of Excedrin was for this morning. It will get better every day; I just have to be patience.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

those blocks will be luscious! I am loving it already!

I keep telling Frank we need to get back to the gym. He used my knee as an excuse just like I did!