Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yo GG quilt and two more projects

I got the blue areas in this section of the Yo GG quilt done last evening and this morning including the border. I keep telling myself "slowly but surely it is getting done." Since I have to get this one done and the Elmo quilt done by Oct. 6, I am in kind of a panic of how long it seems to be taking me. If I would have done an all over pattern instead of quilting lines it would go faster, but I would not have been as happy with the finished product.

Yes, I finished the girl's dresses, but I just had two more projects added to the things to do list. I want to make a cover for the grille I bought my son a couple of months ago to help protect it. I took the measurements and I think I have enough of the car cover fabric left over from the covers I made for the Springsteen tour to make the grille cover. This will be his birthday present! There is no rush on this so it will get made after the quilts are done.

The next project is for the band. Here is the lid for the merchandise road case that we are going to use as the table top for the merchandise booth so we don't have to drag around a separate 8' table. The top of the road case just sits on top of the legs. I need to make a cover that fits like a toaster cover. I will be using some black duck left over from when I made a lighting truss curtain for Springsteen and the guitar fabric you see on top of the table which we had used as a skirt Velcro to the other table. I don't need to have this done for awhile since we don't have any gigs lined up right now.

Here is the sunrise this morning. The pink was so beautiful!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Such a beautiful sunrise. I love the colors of a day. Good luck on your projects!