Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend goals - accomplished?

I am happy to report that I did accomplish my weekend goals and more!
First - to work on the Yo GG quilt. I quilted all the white areas and since the blue quilting thread came on Saturday
I was able to start on the blue areas. I have 4 blocks done and 3 blocks half done so I made pretty good progress.

On Sunday I packed the sewing machine and tools in the car to take to the dress fitting. I had some extra time before I need to leave for the fitting so I decided to cut the blocks for the Elmo quilt. I had to add quite a bit of non-Elmo fabric since I only had three one yard pieces of Elmo fabric. For the Yo GG quilt I have six one pieces of novelty fabric (p.s. I only have one FQ and a few scraps left of those six yards).

Here is the process. I cut two FQ from each novelty print

I cut FQ of the coordinating tone on tone fabric and matched them up with the novelty prints

Layered two FQ - both face up - trimmed one end -

Sliced the layers

Sorted the fabric into two blocks

Stacked the pieces with the far right fabric on the bottom so the far left fabric is on the top

All the blocks sliced, stacked and ready for sewing together.

Second - the dresses. The little girls dresses fitted great so all I needed to do was to hem them and attached the straps. I added a row of lace at the bottom of the hem and a pearl button on the straps to add a little bling. So both dresses are done - yeah!

Third - mow and weed wack. Once I got back to the house it was time to tackle at least the front yard. Over an hour and a half later the front was looking decent. I had not mowed for a very long time. The humidity was high and I was drenched, but as my mom use to say "that's a good job done."

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I was drenched after mowing yesterday too. The humidity is still high and it's even hotter today.

The little dresses are so cute!