Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A busy weekend

I managed to get the Yo Gabba Gabba quilt top done and pin basted and both of the little girl dress made. I still need to put the lace on the one dress. They will get hemmed once the girls try the dresses on.

Saturday's gig went well despite the miserable heat and humidity. Here are some shots of the crowd and the band

Here is the road case my brother retro fitted to use for the merchandise. Instead of a tote for each size of shirt, one for the CD's, one for miscellaneous supplies, and another one for vinyl records, everything fits into this one case. He put wheels on it too so it will be off the ground if it rains. Saturday was the first day we put it into action and it worked out great. The drawers hold pens, tape, the hot cards, stickers, magnets, and other supplies. Next my brother is going to fit the lid for the case with legs so we can us it for our table and not have to bring the six foot folding table for the display. I will be making a table cover for the lid using the guitar fabric.

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