Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A long 36 hours

Monday night I started in with grouting the areas that needed done so Mike and I could install the toilet, vanity, and shower fixtures. I finally went to bed at 2 am. I got up at 6 so I could make rolls and stuffed shells for Mike. We got the vanity, countertop, sinks, sconces installed. I needed to make a trip to HD for some washers for the water hook ups. I know we thought we had everything we needed, but the washer supplied by the faucet manufacture was too small, so thus a trip to HD. We still need to install the drawer fronts and door on the vanity - what you are seeing is just the drawer boxes.

We got the toilet installed - I took out the cabinet above the toilet so it would be easier to grout around.

3/14 – Thursday – tiling
3/15 – Friday – work at the museum
3/16 – Saturday –
• Morning - sand and spot prime ceiling – while I had the primer out I primed the door jamb
• Install casing around door
• Tile
3/17 – Sunday
• Tile
3/18- Monday
• Pick up countertop after work
• Grout
• Paint trim on mirrors
3/19 – Tuesday
• Set vanity
• Set countertop
• Set sinks
• Set toilet
• Hook up sink faucets
and shower faucets
3/20 Wednesday
Cuyahoga Falls Home Depot to pick up misc items – 6 a.m.
• Fairlawn Home Depot to get rest of the grout – lunchtime
• grout

Remaining items – Tuesday and/or Thursday
• Install switches
Install sconces
Install drawers – install drawer fronts and hardware last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on vanity – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on cabinet – last on list – not need for functionality
• final coat of paint on ceiling

Since I moved out of the bedroom to the downstairs room we used the bed as a layout area for parts. Crazy huh?

Then we set up another workstation in the bedroom which help when putting the faucet and drain pop up on the sinks.

My hands are an absolute wreck! The only thing saving them thru this is my Mango butter goat milk cream from Rose of Sharon Acres.

Here is the shopping cart with my purchases from the HD this morning. They open at 6 am and I was the first on in the store. They only had one box of bright white non-sanded grout left so I will have to go to another HD to get the three more boxes I need. We are getting so close to being done. Mike is coming over tomorrow to finish the plumbing at the sink and shower, and finish up the electrical. YEAH!

I have bought some fabric in preparation for me going back to sewing. The first two pictures are African fabrics. The solids are a bit shiny since they have not been washed yet.

Thanks to everyone with the lovely comments on this bathroom project. Your postive encouragement helps so much!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You were really ambitious to tile all of the walls. Can you imagine what that would have cost to hire this done? I like your sinks, very modern.

Vicki W said...

Oh wow, the bathroom looks fabulous!

Danih03 said...

I love that tile! It makes me want to do mine!!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You and mike are booking it! LOL. So bought out Home Depots back stock!! When we were redoing the rent house I think I bought nearly an entire new house from Lowes. They gave me a contractors card because I was in there so much.

You are a good sister for making him rolls and shells. Does he get to take home the leftovers???

shannon said...

i too like the's been fun watching the WIP pictures

i have a quick question- where did you find your 'solid' African fabrics? i need some :)