Friday, February 1, 2013

Another good day's work

I finished papering the office on Wednesday evening. Yeah! I will have to paint, but just getting the papering done feels so good!

Glen, your wall paper sample is in the mail.

Here are the before and afters of Mike and I's adventure in finishing up the wallpaper in the foyer on Thrusday. It is mind blowing how good it looks - such a huge change from what I had been looking at for years!

These jobs that I could not do by myself have held me up from getting some of the projects around the house done. I now have no excuses! I will be pacing myself and balancing my time between working on the house and making time for sewing.

I did receive the matching tea towel from Brenda for my medallion tea towel quilt challange. I took out the hems and hung it up on the design wall along with the fabric that I pieced last week. I just noticed my container of hardware made the photo. It is sitting on top of a roll of insulation - that for another project.

This weekend I will probably paint some and sew some. It is very cold here so I am going to hide in the house!

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