Thursday, April 26, 2012

My first MQG meeting

I had a wonderful time! There were 30 ladies at the meeting and everyone was sharing their stories. One of the ladies designed our chapters logo, but I didnt' get a picture of it. The logo is very cool - I will try and get it for posting.

We started off talking about family quilts. Here is one
We talked about current trends, what modern quilting meant, what excites us about quilting, and several other topics. We went around the room and showed our favorite quilt/sewing books and then we showed the quilts. I didn't get everyone's name to put to the quilts and I didn't get pictures of every quilt shown, but here is what I do have.

I think this lady's name was Theresa and she said she doesn't like to use the same fabric in more than one quilt, but she made this scrap quilt using fabric left over from other projects. She shook her head with disbelief and we all laughed

These next two pieces were done by Eva. The cream piece was colored with pencils and then a fixative was applied. The purple piece is silk and both were quilted on a longarm. Beautiful work!

This next top was made by Bailey - so cute! Bailey was struggling with how to machine quilt this. Bailey is new to quilting and after the meeting we talked and I told her I would help mentor her. She is coming to my house Sunday to work and I will help her with machine quilting.

Here are some other pieces that were shown

I showed my music quilt

My ode to Thor the god of thunder

and the family xmas quilt I made for Xmas 2004 which I don't have a digital picture of. I will hang it tonight and post a picture tomorrow.

All in all it was a good time and I am looking forward to next month's meeting.

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