Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hit the cycle

I walk almost everyday to get my steps in. Even with music it can be a bit boring. I walk the parking lots at the high/middle school where my job is located for now. I pick up coins and pencils which gives me something to do while I walk. Yesterday I hit for the cycle meaning I found a penny, nickel, dime and a quarter all in the same day. I haven't been finding many coins lately so yesterday was a big day!

Here is the can of pencils and a few pens I have collected this school year from the parking lots and sidewalks surrounding the school. This morning I found three more. I should never have to buy another pencil!

I had to go to company meetings for four plus hours yesterday. The first activity was team building. The organizers passed out boxes with stuff in them and we had to build a contraption that a marble could roll thru. The marble that took the longest time to reach the exit of our contraption would win and a second prize would be given to the team that had the most creative contraption. Here was our contraption. The marble would start at the top paper plate, go thru a hole from plate to plate, roll down the pipe insulation, then into the cardboard maze.

There was a dispute over one team's approach which had human interaction that lengthen the time it took their marble to exit. My boss thought they should be disqualified, but he was overruled so they gave my team the most creative award. Both teams got the same prize - two lottery tickets. I won two bucks on one of my tickets.

I did win this shaker and three packs of meal replacement too! I was shocked. I never win anything at company events. We had a lady come in and talk about wellness thus this type of prize. They also gave away books, some exercise rolls, and food containers.

I got a bit more knitting done during the meeting. I was so tired when I got home I just knitted so at least I was doing something. I forgot to take a picture, but the scarf is now 29.5" long.


swooze said...

When I saw your pictures of the coins it made me think how devastating to a child to have lost their money but to an adult finding the money it's a simple distraction.

I find money on the ground too. People ask me why I'm looking down! Lol

QuiltSwissy said...

You will love that shaker. I have a similar......had most likely. There are some things I don't know If they made it yet. Congratulations on your wins. That marble thing looks like fun. Frank just got back from a national sales meeting where they do stuff like that.....he says he hates it but secretly likes it!